The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method is used to simplify various Mechanical Engineering issues. It is a numerical method integrated with sophisticated CAD that solves the design issues. Our Modeling software accurately predicts the product behavior which enables saving a lot of time and material.

Finite Element Stress Analysis using ANSYS software is a method followed by Samtaa CAD to perform static and dynamic stress analysis. This method provides real time feedback about the structural integrity of mechanical parts prior to the construction of any mechanical prototype models. This method also allows for an optimization in design to achieve the best performance within the design constraints.

Finite Element Stress Analysis is very much essential for mechanical parts which will be subjected to high pressure and for mechanical parts that must be designed to provide very specific forces (e.g. spring members). By performing a Finite Element Stress Analysis early in the design process helps mainly to reduce the time in market, reduce overall design costs, and reduce the number of design iterations required.