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Samtaa Software is a SEO Agency that excels in modern and successful SEO strategies to help websites, articles and blogs climb higher on Search Engines. We provide different and unique marketing solutions to assist  our clients register strong presence in searches. Abundantly sufficient in digital marketing resources, we have served many clients for the past 8+ years to get them high rankings and a ride up to success. 

We offer proven SEO Services

We are determined to provide outstanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for whichever business field they are required. Samtaa Software plans and executes tested and proven strategies to help our clients appear top in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). We will guide you to achieve heavy organic traffic and strong online visibility to become a popular name in your business niche. Samtaa Software manages the on-page and off-page optimizations of your web pages and delivers the best content through blogs and other mediums to attract and engage the audience.

Samtaa Software not only builds you on a medium or two but provides 360° brand building solutions to get you in the lead on each of the prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our  marketing strategies are efficient and result oriented and start reflecting best results in minimum time. Our SEO experts create exclusive plans for each project and deliver the best results as per the business category. We help our clients achieve the highest rankings for even the most competitive and heavy search volume keywords. 

Why Does Your Business Need SEO Service?

SEO informs your customers more about the your business and business can reach more customers online. It has a big turn for every small and large business. SEO is the origin of the force that allows prospects to find you online, and increase sales and leads at minimum investment. SEO services can take your company to the next up level.  

Here are the points, why every business needs SEO Services?

Website traffic

The higher rank of service or product page in search results, the more website traffic will come to your website. SEO is a potent way to raise up sales and leads.

SEO improves website ranking on different search engines, which is vital to increase in targeted website traffic, people inquire on search engines to find whatever they need, if you want to appear in that search results to get click on the services or products you offer, you need to get ranked first page, so people can reach your business. 

Trust & Credibility and conversion

Authority is one of the important factor for online businesses. Trustable website experience increases customer retention and customer acquisition. SEO establishes a strong foundation of trust and credibility which increases conversions directly.  

Establishing a brand overnight is not possible. Every business needs effort, patience. Businesses also need to deliver valuable offerings, quality services or products that allow customers to trust your business.

Long-Lasting Results

SEO is a long-term working process which will give the long-term profits in terms of conversions and sales.  

SEO, New Opportunities to Light

SEO emerging more reliable to sharp searchers. Organic results always get more clicks as compared to paid advertisements. SEO is the only marketing technique which can keep paying dividends for a long time. If you set up SEO correctly and provide a strong bunch of information which deserves to rank for the searchable keywords, it can boost website traffic over time. 

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment, SEO Is Never Too Costly!

Organic search serves as the prominent source of website traffic which builds credibility. SEO helps in better user experience and drives the sales cycle. SEO is cheaper than other marketing channels and gives the profit over time. SEO Helps to stay in the competitive game and provides long term high return on investment (ROI).

Best SEO & Marketing services we offered 

Global SEO

Improving the website and its content to make them proper to different countries and regions in the world is designated as Global SEO. Global SEO is a method used for making your product, business or services available to a worldwide audience. 

Industrial SEO

We provide the best services to industrial manufacturing industries to reach more deserved customers and make more revenue in the online market.

App Store Optimization ASO

Optimizing a mobile app to rank it higher on app stores is frequently known as app store SEO. App store optimization is an essential process for mobile businesses. Higher rank and visibility of app increase the downloads of the app which directly increase the business and profits online. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the rapid spreading marketing trend. Our Social media marketing experts understand every business needs and their target audience. We optimize the best campaigns to reach potential customers and generate return on investment at low cost. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of making your business or services available for location-based search queries. 

E-commerce SEO

eCommerce SEO specialist with comprehensive experience in working with the brands and can help you obtain top rankings on different search engines.  Our eCommerce SEO services concentrate on the execution of competition based strategies for enhancing website visibility on different search engine in competitive eCommerce market.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is a method of digital marketing where you pay for each ad you place on a search engine to get clicks. We research and optimize the smartest paid search marketing campaigns for our client businesses which give best ROI at minimum investment.

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Our SEO work strategy 

We do SEO for website in 6 phases which are mentioned here in detail. 

Phase 1 – Website Analysis, Technical Audit & Pre SEO Work

There are three important key points to look at during an website SEO audit:

  • Back-end – Likewise hosting and indexing
  • Front-end – Likewise keywords, content, and metadata
  • Backlink quality and relavent reference

Phase 2 – On Page Optimization

  1. Update Meta tags
  2. Update Next-pre tag on product listing 
  3. Canonicalization & Extensive Panda Check
  4. Website Page Load Optimization Recommendations
  5. Header Tags Optimization
  6. HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
  7. Internal link structuring & optimization
  8. Pages Header tags optimization
  9. Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  10. Robots.txt Creation/check
  11. HTML & XML Sitemap
  12. Google Webmaster Tool setup, analysis and update 
  13. Google Analytics ecommerce setup (if not exist) & analysis 
  14. Title & Meta Tags Optimization
  15. Page Speed Optimization Analysis (optimization of Images, Code, Cache, CSS)
  16. Images Optimization (Title & Alt)
  17. Sitemap analysis and update
  18. Monitor Analytics and GWT account 
  19. Remove crawling errors 
  20. Broken Links Test and remove etc.

Content Marketing

  1. Blog setup, if not exist 
  2. Blog Writing – 2/month
  3. Social Bookmarking  
  4. Social Sharing of Blog 

Phase 3 – Off Page Optimization & Link building

  1. Google My Business Setup & Verification (if not exist)
  2. Listings in Online Yellow Pages 
  3. Schema Implementation 
  4. Setting Geo Targeting in Google
  5. Updating Pages
  6. Classified Submissions 
  7. Business Listing 
  8. Web2.o Backlinks
  9. Internal linking 

Social Media Optimization 

  1. Social Bookmarking 
  2. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram Account Setup (if not exist)
  3. Profile Content Writing
  4. Facebook Wall Updates 2 times a week
  5. Twitter tweets 2 times a week
  6. Blog Sharing on facebook and Twitter 

Phase 4 – Maintenance & Monthly Reporting 

  1. Search Engine Rank Report
  2. Google Analytics Report

How to choose best SEO Company in Los Angeles

Are you working in a hard time selecting the right SEO Company? Here are 5 easy steps to tell you how to hire the right seo specialist for business website.

1. Background of the company

There are many SEO services agencies but not all of them are right and considerable for the business, so you need to filter preference well. You have to start from research on the internet for names and shortlisted them by their competitive study, their reviews with your perception. Choose the company that has the result oriented portfolio, Experienced Team and notice the time since they are in the market. How much understanding they have in business category you are looking for, so they can understand and stretegise for the right audience of the business.   

2. Work out a budget

It is totally perfect to have a budget for the individual market channels but many times you may come across the SEO service providers and that may charge a bit more than what you had decided, so you should adjust your budget for a bit. It will help you to understand the difference between the service actually what they are.

3. The techniques used by the SEO company

Authentic SEO companies always demonstration to you the SEO process and techniques they are going to use. The SEO company ideally uses organic methods to promote a business using websites. Organic SEO in the techniques are basically ethical processes like white hat SEO methods to market a website. the unethical SEO is always harm a company’s image. Ethical tech. use natural link building, technical things and metadata to improve your sites ranking on the search engine result pages. If you come across companies that claim to provide outstanding ROI and results in a short time, stay away!

4. Go through their portfolio

Before hiring SEO services agency, go through agency’s portfolio to understand what services they delivered before and Talk to the agency’s SEO lead or and communicate what you expect to obtain from the market. 

5. The nature of communication and customer service

Hire a SEO company that maintains regular and decent communication for the clients need. The SEO agency should give you steady updates on your business . Typically an authentic seo service provider always be prepared to help clients 24/7


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SEO, SMM, and PPC. Samtaa Software is always willing to help businesses, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals in setting their mark.

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